A Single Man's Kitchen

lambI found long ago that I could not afford to eat at a decent restaurant every night and if entertaining a woman, could not afford to eat out more than once a week.
For those of you with child support, college funds and possibly even alimony sucking your wallets dry, I cannot imagine how hard it is to eat decently. Sorry guys, pizza, hamburgers, Chinese take-out and beer are not going to make you smell like a winner to any women that                                       might come sniffing around.
If you think that learning some skill in the kitchen is a bit effeminate, just remember: Behind me stand a long line of men highly skilled in the use of knives, cleavers and roasting spit pins

saladand in my case flaying knives, slingshots, bows and guns and some of us might feel a bit irritated by your attitude.
So put aside your prejudices and put down the menu to the local pizza place, toss aside the microwave toxins in a box with a pretty picture on the top and come and join me in the adventure that is A Single Man's Kitchen; and remember that if after an evening with a woman ends in failure, she is the one who gets to drive home without the doggy bag and you can kick back and have the last of the bottle of wine, light a cigar and reflect on the pleasing fact that you will not have to fix breakfast for two.

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